• Kite Serf
  • Kayak
  • Paint Ball

Kite serf: To Junkpark (Park Kite at Lepanto) situated in the vicinity of the Ponton Grimpovo. This point was not chosen at random from those responsible for the Junkpark. It is the best and safest beaches for kite Surf in Greece. Very strong and stable wind direction West and suitable for beginners.

Other Activities: Mountaineering, 4x4, Cycling and Kayaking...


Enjoy beaches of Nafpaktos in Hiliadou, Monastiraki, in Skaloma, in Marathias, the Trizonia, and Sergoula

Religious Tourism
Monasteries: St. Demetrios Varnakova, Ampelakiotissa Virgin, St John, Vovmvokous, Transfiguration, Virgin Panaxiotisas